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Some stuff about me

07:55 PM 2017-09-18

I've had a few enquiries about my personal life.

I am single, in good health, heterosexual and support Marriage Equality (Gay Marriage). I am not vegan/vegetarian. I am a light meat eater, mostly fish. I believe all life should be respected and that plants are 'alive'.

I do not like Politics, I do not like War or aggression, but have learned how to kill in self defence as a child, as part of my Sami manhood survival training. I had a rifle at age 10 and am a good shot. I do not have pets, I set all my pets free after my Sami manhood ritual at age 12, but am happy with others having pets and ...

Shuffle Meet-Ups

Shuffle Meet-ups.

Global Shufflers typically engage online because of the sometimes vast geographic distances between them. This in no way diminishes the friendships which can last 20+ years, with shufflers keeping in touch about their lives, relationships, families and friends.

At times they arrange shuffle 'meet-ups' which are informal social occasions for shuffle friends to meet at a physical location, spend some time together and often meet other shufflers in person for the first time.

Creativity ?


Anyone can be creative. Without it we couldn't adapt to a new situation or the unknown. I worked for more than a decade as a Music and Arts therapist in Australia in the 1980's with traumatised teens and adult professionals. Part of the work was to conduct clinical research into 'Creativity' to formalise therapeutic use in Public Health systems across the globe.

Sami Art

CybaFaeries and WolfDragons CD cover art


The images from the CybaFaeries and WolfDragons CD come from my Sami family culture. Sami, sometimes referred to as indigenous Europeans or Fairy's, come from the northern Norway / Sweden / Finland area going back some 8000 years BCE.

My family language of Northern Sami was illegal for 200 years up until 1958.  

CybaFaeries and WolfDragons Album CD Collector Version

CybaFaeries and WolfDragons Album CD Collector Version

Cybafaeries and Wolfdragons CD cover art

The CybaFaeries and WolfDragons Album physical CD Collector Version is currently being prepared for shipping to international distribution centre's and will be availible  online thru AMAZON and Facebook-Shopify shortly

Brunswick Street

Brunswick Street

80min feature documentary about the underground dance style called the MELBOURNE SHUFFLE from 1990-2010, by Garry Shepherd.



The Manual - DX7

The Manual - DX7

I had a keyboard musician friend in the late 1980's who wrote technical instruction/user/service manuals for computers and digital technology. "Oh I don't read manuals" I joked, "I write manuals for people Who don't read manuals" he laughed in response. "Oh ..." is all I could say, for one of those rare occasions I was stumped for a smart-arsed response. "So you know people find them tedious and boring ?" He nodded Yes ".. er so what do you say in these manuals ? " I asked again. He just smiled and laughed

URBAN. New Art Print Collection


This is the first set in a new Art Print collection called URBAN, based on still video images taken around Melbourne Australia in the early 1990's.


Still Life


I'm currently preparing a set of prints for sale thru Imagekind, which I'm planning to have published on this site with links to the print order site, within the next week or so.

The images are from Video footage I took in the early-mid 1990's around Melbourne and are being enhanced with video colour processing. I used this camera (pic below) mostly, a Panasonic MS1, SuperVHS, seen here below retired to my Nicholas Building display case  2005 - With dust and grunge on the case glass which I should of cleaned off before taking the pic :-) I've removed the camera shell to show the tape transport mechanism.

They are still frames, which is kinda odd, seeing as video essentially captures motion. Normally you'd use a stills camera to take still photos.

CybaFaeries and WolfDragons Album Now Released !

The new CybaFaeries and Wolfdragon album by Garry Shepherd has now been formally released.

Listen to tracks for Free

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